Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park September 2017

It turned out to be a good day for a Rally. Some started from Wickham some from Romsey and in all 27 Classic Cars 1 Modern. Plenty of events going on throughout the day for adults and children.

  • Line up of cars

  • More cars

  • Even more cars

  • Ready to go on a ride

  • Horse and Cart

  • Gypsy Wagon

  • Boys will be Boys
    John Cope & Nigel Allan

  • Ferry Crossing

  • Lunch at Carisbrooke Castle

  • Carisbrooke

  • oh dear

  • Newport (1)

  • Newport (2)

  • Newport (3)

  • This is what happens when you do not clean your car

  • Happy Anniversary Marie & Ken

  • Making Kites

  • Attempts at Flying Kites

  • More attempts at Flying Kites!

  • Paul Kerry’s Winning Kite

  • Some members went to Haven Street Railway on the Sunday

Isle of Wight Wanderers
September 2017

Our thanks go to Sheila and Simon Lewry for organising a 4 day trip to the Isle of Wight. 23 Classic Cars and 1 Modern Car attended. Friday lunch at Carisbrooke Castle and then Saturday at the Newport Extravaganza where 700 various cars attended. Sunday morning was organised into making Kites. Yes Kites – out of bin liners…. It was also Marie & Ken Selby’s 50th Wedding Anniversary and their Anglia’s 50th Birthday.


Ladies Day 2017

Well Ladies Day at Hinton Ampner was a great success. At least 58 cars arrived some by a route starting from Wickham Square. Fortunately especially for those with open top cars the weather stayed fine although a bit windy for those ladies with hats!

  • Hats – It must be Ladies Day

  • Route Start at Wickham

  • Wickham Square

  • Wickham

  • Hinton Ampner

  • More outside house

  • Cars by the Walled Garden

  • Outside House

  • Curdridge Show

  • Triumph TR3

  • Rover 14, Austin Maestro, Renault Floride & an MG

  • Two Rover 3.5 Coupes

  • Jowett and Mustang

  • Triumph TR3 Engine

  • Rover 10, Morgan, Triumph Acclaim

  • Anglia 105E & 1914 Cadillac

  • 60th Curdridge Show

Curdridge Country Show

Thanks to Simon Lewry for organising SHVPS attending the 60th Curdridge Country Show.
There was a packed Arena Events List which included JAMZ Dance, Falconary, an Opera Singer, Dog Display, Pony Rides and the Vintage Cars, there were also Police Cars, Fire Engines, Trade Stands, and many food outlets.
The Horticultural Show was for children and adults and was set up in the hall. There were at least 26 classic cars that attended.


Annual BBQ 2017

This is the Society’s Annual BBQ kindly held at Simon Butler’s home (with a larger than average sized back garden!)  This years’ event was again very well attended with over 70 vehicles and it was a dry evening.  The Hayling Hog Roast was well received and we had entertainment with the Southampton Ukulele Jam.

  • Hayling Hog Roast

  • Liine Up 1

  • Line Up 2

  • Line Up 3

  • Little and Large

  • Triumph Super 8 and Austin Maestro

  • Bedford

  • MG B GT Sport Jubilee

  • Members enjoying the evening

  • More Merriment

  • Southampton Ukulele Jam

  • Waltham Chase

  • Line Up Waltham Chase

  • Wolseley 6/110 Mk 11

  • Another Line Up of Cars

  • Yet another line up of cars

  • More cars……..

Waltham Chase Village Hall

Waltham Chase meet is once a month on a Sunday morning meeting around 10 am. SHVPS are always very well attended at this meeting, but it is nice to see cars that have never been seen before. There is a café open for morning bacon butties.


Fort Purbrook 2017

Pat Cullimore asked SHVPS members if they would kindly support this Family Fun Day at Fort Purbrook. The activities included Archery, Air Rifle Shooting, Climbing, Junior Assault Course, Laser Quest, Pony Rides, Tours of the Fort, Birds of Prey and many Arena Events of which our classic cars took part.

  • Line up of Cars

  • More cars in the line up

  • Line up

  • Arena Fort Purbrook

  • Continuation of Arena Line Up

  • John & Sandra Wise with his Austin 12/4 Clifton affectionately know as “Bluebell”

  • Tram Workshop Arrival

    Tram Workshop Arrival

  • Museum Talk

    Museum Talk

  • "Dorian" Dunkirk Little Ship

    “Dorian” Dunkirk Little Ship

  • Calshot Spit Light Vessel

    Calshot Spit Light Vessel

  • Trams


  • Tram Workshop

    Tram Workshop

Southampton Tram Group

A very good turnout of at least 60 members.  The visit started with a talk by Nigel Smith.  He explained about the Dunkirk Little Ship “Dorian”.  She was recalled into service at the outbreak of WW2 and took part in the evacuation of Dunkirk.   Southampton Tram Project Tram 11, Tram 38 and an Ex Lisbon Tram No 715 are all being worked on.  Calshot Spit Light Vessel is also now situated beside the Tram Workshop.  An enjoyable interesting evening, spent with very knowledgeable volunteers.


Auto Jumble 2017

Queen Elizabeth Country Park. Our showcase event. Whereby we have classic cars on display, autojumble stalls, free family entertaiment (for adults as well), bar, refreshments, live music and parking is free.

  • Set Up Day

    Set up Day

  • SHVPS Autojumble Stall

    SHVPS Autojumble Stall

  • Juggling Jake

    Juggling Jake

  • Selection of Cars

    Selection of Cars

  • Band


  • Autojumble 2017

    Autojumble 2017

  • Clear Up End of the Day

    Clear Up End of the Day

Vannes 2017

A group of people from the SHVPS went to Vannes.  The gathering started in Vannes before a tour of the Morbihan Bay and then the group went to a BBQ arranged by the French Car Club at Locmariaquer.

Bursledon Brickworks 2017

The Society had a great evening at Bursledon Brickworks.  We had a guided tour which was very informative.  Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the brick-making process and the history of the site.  Over 58 members turned out for the evening.

  • Bursledon Brickworks
  • Bursledon Brickworks
  • Bursledon Brickworks
  • Bursledon Brickworks
  • Drive It Day SHVPS
  • Drive It Day 3 SHVPS
  • Drive It Day 4 SHVPS
  • Drive It Day 5 2017
  • Drive It Day 6 2017
  • Drive It Day SHVPS

Drive-It-Day 2017

This is an annual event promoted by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, where clubs such as ours are encouraged to organise a run to show all kinds of historic vehicles being used throughout the country on that particular day. This year we chose to have a run from Denmead to the Fishbourne Roman Villa, near Chichester, and 41 cars took part.

Tangmere 2017

On the last Sunday in February we met in Fareham and followed a scenic route to finish at the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum near Chichester. There members were able to view the impressive display of historic aircraft and memorabilia.

  • SHVPS Tanmere2
  • SHVPS Tanmere3 2017
  • SHVPS Tangmere4 2017
  • SHVPS Tangmere5 2017
  • SHVPS Tangmere6 2017
  • SHVPS Tangmere7 2017
  • SHVPS Tangmere8 2017
  • SHVPS Tangmere9 2017
  • SHVPS Tangmere10 2017
  • SHVPS Tangmere 2017
  • Hawk Conservancy SHVPS
  • Hawk Conservancy 1 SHVPS

  • Hawk Conservancy2 SHVPS

  • Hawk Conservancy 3 SHVPS
  • Hawk Conservancy 4 SHVPS
  • Hawk Conservancy 5 SHVPS

Hawk Conservancy 2016

For our Sunday run in September, we visited the Hawk Conservancy at Weyhill, near Andover. The run started in Fareham, with a pick-up in Romsey for those members coming from that direction.

Auto Jumble 2016

Held at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park.

  • Auto Jumble SHVPS
  • Autojumble 3 SHVPS
  • Autojumble
  • Autojumble2 SHVPS
  • Autojumble SHVPS
  • Autojumble 4 SHVPS
  • SHVPS Posh Picnic 2 2016
  • SHVPS Post Picnic3 2016
  • SHVPS Posh Picnic
  • Posh Picnic SHVPS
  • Posh Picnic5 SHVPS

Posh Picnic 2016

This is held on the last Sunday in July, and last year we followed a scenic route through the countryside to Lodsworth, near Midhurst. On arrival, members laid out their picnics either in or outside the village hall, and there was a competition for the best picnic.