Petersfield Heath - June 2022

A visit to Petersfield Heath on a very pleasant, sunny evening. With special permission, we were allowed to park on the Heath and create a display for those passing by. Members could enjoy food and drinks from the Plump Duck café and a very clever, walking quiz around the lake.

  • PetersfiledHeath1r
  • PetersfieldHeath2r
  • PetersfildHeath3r
  • Headley7
  • Headley2
  • Headley1
  • Headley5
  • Headley4
  • Headley3
  • Headley8
  • Headley6

Run to Headley Village Green - May 2022

A scenic route from Denmead to Headley was followed on an overcast but dry Sunday morning. Our vehicles were displayed in an arc on the edge of the village green. We enjoyed a catch up with fellow members, picnics and some traditional games.

Visit to Twyford Moors - May 2022

We were very fortunate to enjoy an evening visit to Twyfood Moors Classic Jaguar business in Clanfield. We were able to view the showroom with Classic XKs and E-Types for sale and also the workshops were cars were being restored, repaired and serviced. A very interesting evening.

  • Twyfordmoors1r
  • Driveitday1
  • Driveitday2
  • Driveitday3
  • Driveitday4
  • Driveitday5
  • Driveitday6

Drive it Day to West Dean Gardens - April 2022

A lovely scenic run from Denmead to the beautiful West Dean Gardens in West Sussex. Drive it Day is a national event supported by car and motorcycle clubs and encouraged by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.

Run to Butser Hill - March 2022

A bright sunny morning greeted the classic vehicles and their owners at the start of the run to Butser Hill. A scenic 23 mile route through Denmead, Hambledon, Soberton, Winchester Hill and Clanfield to arrive at the highest point on the South Downs. What wonderful panoramic views.

  • Butser2
  • Butser1
  • Butser3
  • Butser6
  • Butser5
  • Inexcess7
  • Inexcess1
  • Inexcess4
  • Inexcess2
  • Inexcess3
  • Inexcess6
  • Inexcess5

Run to In-Excess, Fair Oak - February 2022

A visit to the In-Excess Garden and Hardware Centre in Fair Oak. A scenic 22 mile run along part of the Meon Valley, taking in a few picturesque villages and displays of spring flowers. The fine weather was a bonus.

Quiz Night - February 2022

The return of our popular quiz night, hosted by Mike, with his son, Tom doing the scoring. Topics included general knowledge, music, fashion, history, words, geography and, of course, motoring. A very good evening and thank you to Mike and Tom.

  • Frostbiterun5
  • Frostbiterun6
  • Frostbiterun7
  • Frostbiterun4
  • Frostbiterun1
  • Frostbiterun2
  • Frostbiterun3
  • Frostbiterun8
  • Frostbiterun9
  • Frostbiterun10

Frostbite Run - January 2022

A very popular event with almost 100 members taking part, started on Portsdown Hill and finished in Wickham. This year we took in a walking quiz around Stubbington. Thank you to the organisers Simon and Sheila.

Out and About in September and October 2021

SHVPS members helped to put on a display of classic cars at the By-Gone-Fareham, the Waltham Chase Village Hall, the Amberley Museum near Arundel and at Barnaby's café in Swanmore.

We also held a run from Denmead to Stansted Park and because of the fuel shortage some members had to resort to more economical vehicles

  • farehambyegones1
  • farehambygones2
  • farehambyegones3
  • farehambyegones5
  • farehambyegones4


  • Amberly1


  • walthamchase1
  • barnabys1
  • Stansted1
  • 2021Portchestergala1r
  • 2021Portchestergala2r
  • 2021portchestergala3r
  • 2021portchestergala4r

Portchester Gala - September 2021

A welcome return of this popular community event within the grounds of Portchester Castle. On a wonderfully sunny day, the SHVPS put on a varied display of vehicles from a 1914 Ford Model T to a 1972 Triumph Spitfire.

Gosport Rotarians Event - August 2021

The Gosport Rotary Club held their popular Bank Holiday Monday event at Stokes Bay which attracted a wide range of vehicles. The SHVPS put on a display of almost 30 vehicles, including 1 BSA motorcycle. A number of these were selected by the judges as class winners and received their awards from the Mayor.

  • 2021Rotarians1r
  • 2021Rotarians2r
  • 2021Rotarians3r
  • 2021Rotarians4r
  • 2021Rotarians5r

  • 2021Rotarians7r
  • 2021Rotarians8r
  • 2021Rotarians9r
  • 2021Rotarians10r
  • stokesbay1
  • stokesbay5
  • stokesbay4
  • stokesbay3
  • stokesbay2
  • stokesbay7

Stokes Bay - August 2021

To continue our gradual return to events, over 38 classic vehicles gathered at Stokes Bay where members could enjoy the sea views and good conversation.

Meadow Court - July 2021

The SHVPS were invited to support the Meadow Court retirement apartments open day at Sarisbury Green with a display 9 of classic cars. The organisers provided complimentary breakfast, afternoon tea, drinks and ice creams. A wonderful day was had by all.

  • Meadowcourt1rc
  • Meadowcourt2rc
  • DIYpicnic1
  • DIYpicnic2
  • DIYpicnic4
  • DIYpicnic4
  • DIYpicnic5
  • DIYpicnic6
  • DIYpicnic7
  • DIYpicnic8
  • DIYpicnic9


  • DIYpicnic10

DIY Picnic - July 2021

Our first event since March 2020. A DIY picnic held at a member's lovely garden which included a pond and ducklings attracted 24 classic vehicles. From the sheltered location we managed to avoid the rain and enjoyed several hours catching up with friends.

Drive it Day 2020

With the current lock down it was not possible to take to the roads for the national Drive it Day but that did not deter some members from enjoying themselves whilst still at home.

Club events from March 2020 have been cancelled due to Covid 19 and the lock down restrictions.


  • haskinsDSC0176er
  • haskinsDSC0175er
  • haskinsDSC0172er

Run to Haskins Garden Centre - February 2020

A cold, wet and windy morning did not spoil our run to this popular garden centre at West End. We had a good mix of pre and post war vehicles including 4 newer classics from the 80's and 90's.

Show and tell on Veteran Bicycles - February 2020

Members were treated to an entertaining talk on the evolution of veteran bicycles using many wonderful examples.

  • bicycles1r
  • bicycles2r
  • frostbiteS2850002r
  • frostbiteS2850004r
  • frostbiteS2850008r
  • frostbiteS2850007r

Frostbite Run January 2020

Our first out door event of the year is always a popular event. The vehicles gather on top of Portsdown Hill on a bright and crisp morning. The lucky ones have heaters but some are less fortunate. We enjoyed a hot meal at the finish and a surprise mystery guest.

Christmas Lunch 2019

139 SHVPS members enjoying a festive lunch at the Jubilee Hall in Bishops Waltham complete with table side entertainment from a talented magician.

  • christmaslunch1r
  • christmaslunch2r
  • christmaslunch3r
  • christmaslunch4r
  • christmaslunch5r
  • christmaslunch6r
  • dinneranddance3r
  • dinneranddance6r
  • dinnerand dance2r
  • Dinneranddance1r
  • dinneranddance4r
  • dinneranddance5r

Dinner and Dance November 2019

Our annual Dinner, Dance and Presentation evening held at the Solent Hotel.

QECP October 2019

SHVPS members supporting the open day at the Queen Elizabeth County Park with a fine display of vehicles.

  • DSC04475
  • DSC04478
  • DSC04477
  • DSC04479
  • DSC04482
  • DSC04484
  • DSC04485
  • ButserAncientFarm1r
  • Butserancientfarm2r
  • Butserancientfarm3r
  • Butserancientfarm4r
  • Butserancientfarm5r
  • Butserancientfarm6r
  • Butserancientfarm7r
  • Butserancientfarm9r
  • Butserancientfarm10r
  • Butserancientfarm11r
  • Butserancientfarm12r
  • Butserancientfarm13r
  • Butserancientfarm15r
  • Butserancientfarm16r
  • Butserancientfarm17r
  • Butserancientfarm19r

Butser Ancient Farm October 2019

Our last SHVPS outdoor event for the year was a run from Denmead to the Butser Ancient Farm which attracted over 25 club vehicles and their members. The visit included a tour of the site with expert commentary from our guides. We learnt that the buildings are recreated using estimation and extrapolations by archaeologists as very few original parts remain that can be used or copied.

Gregg School Sept 2019

SHVPS members supporting Gregg School Heritage Day on the 15th September. The vehicle display was organised by an SHVPS member who also arranged for the drivers to receive tea and cake on their arrival. The house, grounds and garden looked lovely as always.

  • Greggschool2rsq
  • Greggschool3rsq
  • Greggschool1rsq
  • Denvilles5rsq
  • Denvilles4rsq
  • Denvilles3rsq
  • Denvilles2rsq
  • Denvilles1rsq

Denvilles Club August 2019

SHVPS were invited to visit Denvilles Club in Havant for a meal and a chat.

Posh Picnic July 2019

After meeting in Fareham, members wended their way on a scenic route through the Hampshire countryside to finish at the Village Hall in East Meon. Tables and chairs were carried outside, picnics were spread out on the tables, and members enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in the sunshine.

  • LadiesDayCarAtDenmead

  • LadiesDayCarAtDenmead2

  • LadiesDayCarAtDenmead3

  • LadiesDayCarAtAvington

  • LadiesDayCarAtAvington2

  • LadiesDayCarAtAvingtonPicnic

Ladies Day - June 2019

We met at Denmead and around 50 cars followed a scenic country route to Avington Park.  On arrival the cars parked on the lawn in front of the stately home.  Members had a tour of the house with a cream tea to end the day.

Auto Jumble June 2019

Hundreds of Classic vehicles of all shapes and sizes converged on the Queen Elizabeth Country Park for the SHVPS show case event, the annual Auto Jumble. The crowds flocked in to enjoy a day of live music, family entertainment and a natter with vehicle enthusiasts with bargains galore to be had on the stalls. Even the weather obliged … hope to see you next year!

  • AutoJumble2019Cars1

  • AutoJumble2019Cars2

  • AutoJumble2019Bikes

  • AutoJumble2019Cars3

  • AutoJumble2019Cars4

  • AutoJumble2019Cars5

  • AutoJumble2019Cars6

  • AutoJumble2019Military

  • AutoJumble2019Stalls

  • AutoJumble2019Musicians

  • AutoJumble2019Helpers

  • Hovercraftmuseum1rs
  • hovercraftmuseum2rs
  • hoversraftmuseum3rs

Visit to the Hovercraft Museum - May 2019

An evening visit to this fascinating museum that features so many variations from single person standing platforms made in a shed, through many experimental craft to the mighty channel crossing SRN4.

Drive it Day run to Lasham - Apr 2019

Around 50 vehicles and their members took part in the annual Drive it Day. This year the start was near Wickham and followed a 26 miles route to the Gliding Museum at Lasham. One of the members even managed a flight in a glider.

  • Driveitday2019rsq
  • Forestlodge1rsq
  • Forestlodge2crsq

Spring Drive to Forest Lodge - Mar 2019

Our green fingered members visited the Forest Lodge Garden Centre near Farnham for a last minute opportunity to prepare their gardens for the spring or just enjoy the refreshments. Starting in Denmead a 31 mile route had been prepared through villages, country lanes and included part of the old A3.

Frostbite Run - Jan 2019

Over 50 classic vehicles and their SHVPS members gathered in Fareham on a dry and crisp morning. A 20 mile route had been prepared around the south Hampshire countryside and included many picturesque villages. On arrival at the finish in Wickham the travellers received a welcome hot drink and mince pie followed by a hot meal.

  • Frostbiterunstartrsq
  • DinnerandDance1crsq
  • Awardstablersq

Awards Presentation and Dinner - 2018

Our annual event held at the Solent Hotel, Whiteley hosted 96 members who enjoyed a 3 course meal, music and dancing. Awards are presented to recognise the achievements of our members during the year.

Christmas Lunch 2018

Our festive lunch at the Jubilee Hall in Bishops Waltham attracted more than 100 members and included magical entertainment.

  • Christmaslunch1cq
  • Rover P3
  • Classic Cars
  • Classic Cars

  • Classic Car

  • Norton ES2 and Sidecar

  • Yellow Triumph

  • Red Triumph

  • Classic Cars

Selsey Golf Club - Sept 2018

SHVPS received an invitation from the Sussex based classic car club, Manhood Classics, to join their members for their September gathering at Selsey Golf Club. Some 30 SHVPS members made their way to the event at the Golf Club and enjoyed a good natter and a light lunch at the the Golf Club. Manhood Classics run events throughout the year.

IOW Wanderers 2018

SHVPS members gathered at Portsmouth Ferry Port ready for a 4 day excursion of the Isle of Wight (IOW) organised by Sheila and Simon Lewry. Members enjoyed a visit to the 10th century Augustine Monastery, Quarr Abby, followed by a picnic lunch at Puckpool, ‘The Wanderers’ were also sighted at Haven Street Steam Railway, the Shipwreck Museum and many other attractions on the Island. Members skills were put to the test with the ‘Sunday Challenge’, this year was making a weight bearing suspension bridge using just 3 newspapers, sticking tape and scissors ... some very inventive members!

  • MG YB & Morris waiting to board

  • Waiting to board

  • SHVPS members

  • 1970 VW Beetle

  • IOW picnic puckpark

  • IOW Haven Street

  • IOW Shipwreck Museum

  • Bridge Building

  • Bridge Building

  • IOW SHVPS Picnic 2018

  • Quarr Abbey

  • SHVPS IOW Homeward Bound

  • 1904 Cadillac Model B Tourer

  • 1927 Austin 7 Chummy

  • Classic Car Line Up

  • Rolls Royce

  • Line Up - Austin, Jowett, VW

  • Committee and members

  • The Band

  • members enjoying the sun

  • Classic Car

  • 1965 Triumph Vitesse and 1962 Herald

  • 1914 Ford Model T

  • 1968 Morris Minor 1953 Bristol 403

  • Classic Car Line Up - 1972 VW

  • Members

  • Members

Annual BBQ - July 2018

Some 200 member, 85 classic vehicles, gathered for a day of fun at the annual BBQ, made extra special this year as SHVPS celebrate its Golden Jubilee.

Members enjoyed an excellent Hog Roast, raffle and entertainment courtesy of a live band plus a Norman Wisdom tribute act. Members also received a bound book charting the 50 year history of the Society and a cast SHVPS badge to commemorate the 50 year milestone … Happy Birthday SHVPS!

Ladies Day 2018

This year’s Ladies Day took our members on a 40 mile scenic run through the Hampshire countryside to Breamore House, Fordingbridge. Around 50 classic vehicles joined in the event starting at Fareham and finishing at the impressive 17c Breamore House where vehicles lined the drive way to the house. Members enjoyed a guided tour of the house, a stroll around the Countryside Museum and while enjoying a traditional Cream Tea a special presentation was given to Yvonne Newlove by committee member Veronica Selby.

  • 1932 Rolls Royce


  • 1924 Austin Clifton & 1931 Morris Cowley

  • Starting point Fareham

  • Breamore House

  • 1931 Morris Cowley

  • MG

  • 1951 Jowett Jupiter Sports

  • 1949 Alvis TA14

  • 1952 MG YB

  • Veronica Selby & Yvonne Newlove

  • Editor & Committee

  • Field Marshall Tractors

  • Modern Classics

  • 1967 Triumph Herald & 1931 Morris Cowley

  • 1968 Morris Minor

  • 1975 MGB GT MGYB & 1972 VW Beetle

  • 1931 Ford Model A

  • 1924 Austin Clifton

  • Mayor of Fareham with Chairman

  • Mayor with Chairman & member

  • Mayor chatting to members

  • Mayor chatting to Maria Cooper

Rainbow Family Fun Day June 2018

A great day was had by SHVPS members attended the Rainbow Family Fun Day in aid of children & adults with cerebral palsy and stroke victims.

Members showed off a variety of vehicles from a 1924 Austin to more modern classics. We even had a visit from the Mayor of Fareham, Susan Bayford who was given a tour by our Chairman and chatted to members ... Sunshine, tea and good company a perfect summers day !

Diving Museum Stokes Bay - June 2018

SHVPS members enjoyed an evening run out to the Bayside Cafe, Stokes Bay sea front for a natter and good food followed by a private tour of the Diving Museum.

  • Morris Classic Car

  • Classic Cars

  • Reily Elf

  • Classic Car Line Up

  • Lady with Blue Car

  • 1928 Ford Model A

  • Classic Cars MG YB, Ford Model A

  • MGB GT

  • Diving Museum

  • 1973 VW Beetle

  • Morris Traveller

  • Diving Museum Disply

  • Stokes Bay Blue Volvo

  • Classic Cars Stokes Bay

  • Motorcycles arriving at the show
  • Classic car line up
  • 1968 Car Line up
  • Crowds
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Car Line Up MG YB
  • Classic car and caravan
  • Scooters
  • Hillman Imp Club
  • Red Citroen Van
  • Entertainment Area

  • Bikes
  • Red Car
  • 2018 AJ Committee
  • Commercial Lorries
  • Show Control Tent

Auto Jumble June 2018

Hundreds of Classic vehicles of all shapes and sizes converged on the Queen Elizabeth Country Park for the SHVPS show case event, the annual Auto Jumble. This year to celebrate 50 golden years of SHVPS there was an impressive line-up of vehicles dating from 1968. The crowds flocked in to enjoy a day of live music, family entertainment and a natter with vehicle enthusiasts with bargains galore to be had on the stalls. Even the weather obliged … hope to see you next year!

Gregg School - May 2018

SHVPS members enjoying a sunny day out at the Gregg School, supporting the Townhill Park House Gardens. 10 sparkling cars on display, sunshine, lots of tea, cake a good natter ... a perfect day!

  • The Line Up - Classic Cars
  • 1952 MG YB Classic Car

  • White Morris Minor
  • 1914 Model T Classic Car

  • 1977 Triumph Dolomite

  • Morris Minor

  • The Motley Crew

  • ChristmasLunchDec2017Hampers


  • ChristmasLunchDec2017Members4


  • ChristmasLunchDec2017Members3


Christmas Lunch 2017

Club members enjoying our annual Christmas Lunch in Jubilee Hall, Bishops Waltham. Paul Taylor, a caricaturist, visited several tables and presented the occupants with his drawings. We were treated to a hot, tasty three course Christmas meal by outside caterers and the raffle hampers were won by two lucky members.

Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park September 2017

It turned out to be a good day for a Rally. Some started from Wickham some from Romsey and in all 27 Classic Cars and 1 Modern. There were plenty of events going on throughout the day for adults and children.

Isle of Wight Wanderers
September 2017

Our thanks go to Sheila and Simon Lewry for organising a 4 day trip to the Isle of Wight. 23 Classic Cars and 1 Modern Car attended. Friday lunch at Carisbrooke Castle and then Saturday at the Newport Extravaganza where 700 various cars attended. Sunday morning was organised into making Kites. Yes Kites - out of bin liners.... It was also Marie & Ken Selby's 50th Wedding Anniversary and their Anglia's 50th Birthday.

Ladies Day 2017

Well Ladies Day at Hinton Ampner was a great success. At least 58 cars arrived some by a route starting from Wickham Square. Fortunately especially for those with open top cars the weather stayed fine although a bit windy for those ladies with hats!

Curdridge Country Show

Thanks to Simon Lewry for organising SHVPS attending the 60th Curdridge Country Show.
There was a packed Arena Events List which included JAMZ Dance, Falconary, an Opera Singer, Dog Display, Pony Rides and the Vintage Cars, there were also Police Cars, Fire Engines, Trade Stands, and many food outlets.
The Horticultural Show was for children and adults and was set up in the hall. There were at least 26 classic cars that attended.


Annual BBQ 2017

This is the Society's Annual BBQ kindly held at Simon Butler's home (with a larger than average sized back garden!)  This years' event was again very well attended with over 70 vehicles and it was a dry evening.  The Hayling Hog Roast was well received and we had entertainment with the Southampton Ukulele Jam.

Waltham Chase Village Hall

Waltham Chase meet is once a month on a Sunday morning meeting around 10 am. SHVPS are always very well attended at this meeting, but it is nice to see cars that have never been seen before. There is a café open for morning bacon butties.


Fort Purbrook 2017

Pat Cullimore asked SHVPS members if they would kindly support this Family Fun Day at Fort Purbrook. The activities included Archery, Air Rifle Shooting, Climbing, Junior Assault Course, Laser Quest, Pony Rides, Tours of the Fort, Birds of Prey and many Arena Events of which our classic cars took part.

  • Tram Workshop Arrival
  • Museum Talk
  • "Dorian" Dunkirk Little Ship
  • Calshot Spit Light Vessel
  • Trams
  • Tram Workshop

Southampton Tram Group

A very good turnout of at least 60 members.  The visit started with a talk by Nigel Smith.  He explained about the Dunkirk Little Ship "Dorian".  She was recalled into service at the outbreak of WW2 and took part in the evacuation of Dunkirk.   Southampton Tram Project Tram 11, Tram 38 and an Ex Lisbon Tram No 715 are all being worked on.  Calshot Spit Light Vessel is also now situated beside the Tram Workshop.  An enjoyable interesting evening, spent with very knowledgeable volunteers.


Auto Jumble 2017

Queen Elizabeth Country Park. Our showcase event. Whereby we have classic cars on display, autojumble stalls, free family entertaiment (for adults as well), bar, refreshments, live music and parking is free.

  • Set Up Day
  • SHVPS Autojumble Stall
  • Juggling Jake
  • Selection of Cars
  • Band
  • Autojumble 2017
  • Clear Up End of the Day

Vannes 2017

A group of people from the SHVPS went to Vannes.  The gathering started in Vannes before a tour of the Morbihan Bay and then the group went to a BBQ arranged by the French Car Club at Locmariaquer.

Bursledon Brickworks 2017

The Society had a great evening at Bursledon Brickworks.  We had a guided tour which was very informative.  Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the brick-making process and the history of the site.  Over 58 members turned out for the evening.

  • Bursledon Brickworks
  • Bursledon Brickworks
  • Bursledon Brickworks
  • Bursledon Brickworks
  • Drive It Day SHVPS
  • Drive It Day 3 SHVPS
  • Drive It Day 4 SHVPS
  • Drive It Day 5 2017
  • Drive It Day 6 2017
  • Drive It Day SHVPS

Drive-It-Day 2017

This is an annual event promoted by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs, where clubs such as ours are encouraged to organise a run to show all kinds of historic vehicles being used throughout the country on that particular day. This year we chose to have a run from Denmead to the Fishbourne Roman Villa, near Chichester, and 41 cars took part.

Tangmere 2017

On the last Sunday in February we met in Fareham and followed a scenic route to finish at the Tangmere Military Aviation Museum near Chichester. There members were able to view the impressive display of historic aircraft and memorabilia.

  • SHVPS Tanmere2
  • SHVPS Tanmere3 2017
  • SHVPS Tangmere4 2017
  • SHVPS Tangmere5 2017
  • SHVPS Tangmere6 2017
  • SHVPS Tangmere7 2017
  • SHVPS Tangmere8 2017
  • SHVPS Tangmere9 2017
  • SHVPS Tangmere10 2017
  • SHVPS Tangmere 2017
  • Hawk Conservancy SHVPS
  • Hawk Conservancy 1 SHVPS

  • Hawk Conservancy2 SHVPS

  • Hawk Conservancy 3 SHVPS
  • Hawk Conservancy 4 SHVPS
  • Hawk Conservancy 5 SHVPS

Hawk Conservancy 2016

For our Sunday run in September, we visited the Hawk Conservancy at Weyhill, near Andover. The run started in Fareham, with a pick-up in Romsey for those members coming from that direction.