Drive It Day - April 2024

Drive it day took several of us to the Milestones Museum in Basingstoke with around 28 members attending in a range of vehicles. The pre planned route starting in the Lysses car park went well although a particular roundabout exit was a topic of conversation by some. Howard Rankin had a little engine trouble but following a running repair made the museum and more importantly home again. My normally reliable Mercedes on its first outing since last summer also had a minor braking issue probably caused by air in the system following a brake overhaul late last year. A great day enjoyed by all and our entry fees contributed over £350 to the museum fund. Probably a fair bit more either via the café or old-fashioned pub visited by some!!

Tangmere Run - March 2024

Our first outing since January’s frostbite run to the Tangmere Aviation Museum. The route started in Wickham Square taking us through Denmead, Cowplain, Westbourne, West Stoke and all points between before arriving at Tangmere. We then spent an hour or two looking around the museum exhibits and, of course, a visit to the museums Cockpit Café.

Frostbite Run - January 2024

Over 100 attended the annual Frostbite Run.  This year we started from Denmead and had a choice of two routes, both ending up at the Silversprings Garden Centre in Titchfield.  We enjoyed a lovely Sunday roast and everyone had a good natter before wending our way back home.

Club Night & Trophies - January 2024

John Stoodley presented an interesting talk on "The Future of Classics".  There was a lot of audience discussion & feedback on the topic.

The trophies were also awarded to members as follows:
Anne Downs Memorial Trophy: Carol Cornwall.
M&F Petty Challenge Cup: Clive & Myetta Brown.
Colver Cup: Liz Baker.
Chairmans Cup: Clive & Myetta Brown.
Editors Trophy: Clive Brown.
Committee Cup: Les Barnett.
Endeavours Award: Simon Butler.
Period Costume: Tony & Sheelagh Arbon.
Cook Cup: Dave Woolley

Pre-Christmas Lunch - November 2023

A Christmas lunch was laid on by the Lysses Hotel at relatively short notice after the club was let down by the original hotel booked for the event.  The food was delicious and the staff were attentive.  The "guess what's in the bag" game afterwards was great fun too.

  • Wetlands 1
  • Wetlands 2
  • Wetlands 3
  • Wetlands 4
  • Wetlands 5
  • Wetlands 6
  • Wetlands 7
  • Wetlands 8
  • Wetlands 9
  • Wetlands 10
  • Wetlands 11
  • Wetlands 12

Run to Arundel Wetland Centre - September 2023

An enjoyable run through the picturesque East Hampshire and West Sussex countryside. The Wetland centre is a very restful place to visit. The boat ride through the reed beds is well worth doing. Plenty to see and a number of hides to watch the birds from. A very enjoyable day.

Gosport Rotary Vehicle Rally and Family Fun Day - August 2023

The SHVPS are proud to support this local, popular event at Stokes Bay. Probably the biggest yet, there was something for everyone. Well done to the organisers and volunteers.

  • Stokes Bay Show 23 1
  • Stokes Bay Show 23 2
  • Stokes Bay Show 23 4
  • Stokes Bay Show 23 3
  • Denvilles 23 1
  • Denvilles 23 8
  • Denvilles 23 7
  • Denvilles 23 6
  • Denvilles 23 5
  • Denvilles 23 4
  • Denvilles 23 3
  • Denvilles 23 9
  • Denvilles 23 10
  • Denvilles 23 11
  • Denvilles 23 12
  • Denvilles 23 2

Visit to Denvilles - August 2023

Our outdoor evening meeting for August was held at the Denvilles Club in Havant. Around 20 classic vehicles filled one side of the car park on a lovely sunny evening. Members were able to enjoy a pre-ordered meal or just have a drink. There was plenty of good conversation with our members taking over most of the bar area and outside seating.  Thank you to our host.

DIY Picnic - July 2023

The wet day did not deter our members from enjoying our annual DIY picnic in North Boarhunt with around 20 classic vehicles. Having seen the forecast, our host cleared an area inside a barn so we could enjoy our picnic in the dry. Thank you to our host.

  • Diy picnic 23 9
  • Diy picnic 23 7
  • Diy picnic 23 6
  • Diy picnic 23 5
  • Diy picnic 23 4
  • Diy picnic 23 3
  • Diy picnic 23 8
  • Stokes bay 23 2
  • Stokes bay 23 1
  • Stokes bay 23 7
  • Stokes bay 23 6
  • Stokes bay 23 4
  • Stokes bay 23 12
  • Stokes bay 23 11
  • Stokes bay 23 10Stokes bay 23 9
  • Stokes bay 23 8
  • Stokes bay 23 9

Stokes Bay -  July 2023

On a cold, breezy but thankfully dry evening our members gathered in the car park by the Diving Museum at Stokes Bay. We had around 15 vehicles including this rare and wonderful  1930 Scott Squirrel motorcylce.

South Coast Run to the Heavy Horse Farm Park - June 2023

For the return of our South Coast Run we visited the Heavy Horse Farm Park near Verwood, Dorset. The scenic route from Fareham avoided the motorways and traffic 'hot spots'. On arrival we were able to display our vehicles in a reserved area. This was an enjoyable visit which included talks about the horses and the Romany way of life. Thank to our hosts for an excellent visit.

  • Heavy Horse 23 9
  • Heavy horse 23 1
  • Heavy horse 23 2
  • Heavy horse 23 7
  • Heavy horse 23 6
  • Heavy horse 23 3
  • Heavy horse 23 4
  • Heavy horse 23 8
  • Heavy horse 23 11
  • Heavy horse 23 10a
  • Heavy horse 23 10
  • Heavy horse 23 13
  • Heavy horse 23 12
  • Buses 23 1
  • Buses 23 2
  • Buses 23 3
  • Buses 23 4
  • Buses 23 5
  • Buses 23 6
  • Buses 23 7
  • Buses 23 8
  • Buses 23 9

Visit to the Bus Museum Wicor depot at Portchester -  June 2023

Our members enjoyed a sunny evening at the Wicor depot to see the classic buses and related vehicles. The highlight of the evening had to be a ride on their open top bus. Our members had plenty of space to display their own vehicles on site. Thank you to the volunteers at the depot for hosting us.

Supporting community events - June 2023

Members supported the popular Bishops Waltham Carnival and Motorcade and the following weekend the Portchester Gala held within the castle walls with displays of classic vehicles.

  • Bishops Waltham 23 2
  • Bishops Waltham 23 1
  • Portchester 23 1
  • Portchester 23 2
  • Portchester 23 3
  • NFWP 1
  • NFWP 2
  • NFWP 3

New Forest Wildlife Park -  May 2023

We rounded off a busy May with a visit to the New Forest Wildlife Park. The organisor set a scenic 32 mile route from Fareham that carefully avoided the motorways, the A27 and Southampton. The park is set in 25 acres and, thankfully on such a hot day, the walks to see the many and varied animals are shaded with tall fir trees and beautiful rhododendrons.

Visit to Formaplex - May  2023

As an additional event for May, a long standing member arranged for us to visit Formaplex at Voyager Park in Portsmouth. This well established, high-tech design and manufacturing company produce carbon fibre and injection moulded plastics for automotive, aerospace, motorsport and military vehicles. A collection was made on behalf of the MIND UK charity.

  • Formaplex 6
  • Formaplex 1
  • Horse and Jockey 1
  • Horse and Jockey 2
  • Horse and Jockey 5
  • Horse and Jockey 3
  • Horse and Jockey 4

Horse and Jockey, Hipley -  May 2023

For our first outdoor visit of the year we visited the Horse and Jockey pub. We were able to park up in an adjacent paddock and enjoy a chat with members and refreshments from the pub. For additional entertainment, we had a quiz based on the Top Trumps card game and featuring charateristics of our vehicles.

Drive it Day Run to Atwell-Wilson Museum, Wiltshire - April  2023

A longer than usual route of around 62 miles took in some beautiful towns and villages. The museum has over 100 exhibits and features a new display hall for British cars. Alongside the cars, there is an excellent display motorcycles, commercial vehicles and model lorries and cars. Our members parked their vehicles on the grass outside the museum alongside other clubs who had visited. We had a different return route of similar distance but slightly quicker. Thank you to all those involved.

  • Drive it day 23 1
  • Drive it day 23 2
  • Drive it day 23 3
  • Drive it day 23 4
  • Drive it day 23 9
  • Drive it day 23 5
  • Drive it day 23 6
  • Drive it day 23 7
  • Drive it day 23 8
  • Drive it day 23 10
  • Drive it day 23 11
  • IB03
  • IB02
  • IB09
  • IB010
  • IB3
  • IB4
  • IB1
  • IB2
  • IB6
  • IB5
  • IB7
  • IB04
  • IB08
  • IB07
  • IB06
  • IB05
  • IB10

Indigo Blue - March 2023

New member Allan and owner John invited us to their classic car storage facility near Liss. The rain did reduce the number of members' classics in the car park but we still had a very a enjoyable visit with a fantastic range of desirable vehicles on show. Afterwards, a few members drove onto the Chocolate Frog near Oakhanger.

Sky Park Farm - February  2023

A cold but dry day saw the arrival of around 40 classic cars and their owners at the deer park between Petersfield and Rogate. Hot drinks and pastries were available on arrival. The members enjoyed a walk and talk tour by one the the farm's Rangers. Several members stayed for Sunday lunch in their restaurant. A very enjoyable visit and thank you to our hosts.

  • Skypark1
  • Skypark2
  • Skypark3
  • Skypark4
  • Skypark5
  • Skypark6
  • Skypark7
  • Skypark8
  • Skypark9
  • Skypark10
  • Skypark11
  • Skypark12
  • Skypark13
  • Skypark14
  • Skypark15
  • Skypark16
  • Skypark17
  • Skypark18
  • Skypark19
  • Skypark20
  • Skypark21
  • Frostbite1
  • Frostbite2

Frostbite run - January 2023

Our 2023 events programme started with our traditional Frostbite run. Organised by a new team (thank you to all those involved) our run started at Denmead and followed a scenic route to Stansted Park. A last minute revision to the route was necessary due to the cold weather disrupting some of the country lanes. The event was enjoyed by almost 80 members. Thank you to Stansted's catering staff who looked after us very well.

Quiz Night - November 2022

The return of our popular quiz night to its usual November date saw 8 teams do battle over 10 rounds. A close finish with the winners scoring 55 points and a tie for the runners up with 54 points each.

  • quiznight1

Vehicle Rally and Family Day at Stokes Bay - August 2022

The Vehicle Rally and Family Day at Stokes Bay on the Bank Holiday Monday seemed more popular than ever. Plenty to see from 100+ year old cars to new supercars and most vehicles in between. The SHVPS display stretched in a single line with 33 vehicles.

Visit to Stokes Bay car park - August 2022

A gathering at Stokes Bay in the car park by Pebbles. A gloriously sunny summer evening meant the car park was already busy but members found sufficient spaces while a few enjoyed a meal in the restaurant, a picnic on the green, fish and chips and ice creams.

DIY Picnic - July 2022

At the end of July we enjoyed a Do It Yourself picnic at a members lovey grounds. This event attracted an impressive array of vehicles while the host provided rides in his newly restored 1916 electric car!

Visit to Denvilles Club - July 2022

SHVPS members were invited for dinner at the Denvilles Club in Havant and put on a varied display of classic cars.

  • Donkey5
  • Donkey4
  • Donkey1
  • Donkey2c

Visit to the Hayling Island Donkey Sanctuary - July 2022

For something a little different a visit was arranged to the Hayling Island Donkey Sanctuary. Our members spent a sunny and relaxing Sunday morning with the calming donkeys followed by tea and a lovely selection of home made cakes. A few members visited the beach afterwards maybe even for a swim.

Petersfield Heath - June 2022

A visit to Petersfield Heath on a very pleasant, sunny evening. With special permission, we were allowed to park on the Heath and create a display for those passing by. Members could enjoy food and drinks from the Plump Duck café and a very clever, walking quiz around the lake.

  • PetersfiledHeath1r
  • PetersfieldHeath2r
  • PetersfildHeath3r
  • Headley7
  • Headley2
  • Headley1
  • Headley5
  • Headley4
  • Headley3
  • Headley8
  • Headley6

Run to Headley Village Green - May 2022

A scenic route from Denmead to Headley was followed on an overcast but dry Sunday morning. Our vehicles were displayed in an arc on the edge of the village green. We enjoyed a catch up with fellow members, picnics and some traditional games.

Visit to Twyford Moors - May 2022

We were very fortunate to enjoy an evening visit to Twyfood Moors Classic Jaguar business in Clanfield. We were able to view the showroom with Classic XKs and E-Types for sale and also the workshops were cars were being restored, repaired and serviced. A very interesting evening.

  • Twyfordmoors1r
  • Driveitday1
  • Driveitday2
  • Driveitday3
  • Driveitday4
  • Driveitday5
  • Driveitday6

Drive it Day to West Dean Gardens - April 2022

A lovely scenic run from Denmead to the beautiful West Dean Gardens in West Sussex. Drive it Day is a national event supported by car and motorcycle clubs and encouraged by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs.

Run to Butser Hill - March 2022

A bright sunny morning greeted the classic vehicles and their owners at the start of the run to Butser Hill. A scenic 23 mile route through Denmead, Hambledon, Soberton, Winchester Hill and Clanfield to arrive at the highest point on the South Downs. What wonderful panoramic views.

  • Butser2
  • Butser1
  • Butser3
  • Butser6
  • Butser5
  • Inexcess7
  • Inexcess1
  • Inexcess4
  • Inexcess2
  • Inexcess3
  • Inexcess6
  • Inexcess5

Run to In-Excess, Fair Oak - February 2022

A visit to the In-Excess Garden and Hardware Centre in Fair Oak. A scenic 22 mile run along part of the Meon Valley, taking in a few picturesque villages and displays of spring flowers. The fine weather was a bonus.

Quiz Night - February 2022

The return of our popular quiz night, hosted by Mike, with his son, Tom doing the scoring. Topics included general knowledge, music, fashion, history, words, geography and, of course, motoring. A very good evening and thank you to Mike and Tom.

  • Frostbiterun5
  • Frostbiterun6
  • Frostbiterun7
  • Frostbiterun4
  • Frostbiterun1
  • Frostbiterun2
  • Frostbiterun3
  • Frostbiterun8
  • Frostbiterun9
  • Frostbiterun10

Frostbite Run - January 2022

A very popular event with almost 100 members taking part, started on Portsdown Hill and finished in Wickham. This year we took in a walking quiz around Stubbington. Thank you to the organisers Simon and Sheila.