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It is not necessary to own an old vehicle to belong to the Society – anyone with an interest in by-gone transport is welcomed.
There is no age limit but Junior members are required to have written consent of their parent or guardian. The Society’s year commences 1st January and a reduced subscription applies from 1st July.


Regular evening meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month. Between October and April we meet at a venue in Fareham, whilst during the summer months meetings are held on the second Wednesday at different venues around the area. We also have lunchtime noggins at various venues throughout Hampshire or a run to a local place of interest. These usually take place on the last Sunday of the month but can vary to suit availability of the venue or to fit in with other events taking place.


A Members’ Handbook is issued annually and includes details of members and their vehicles. Members have the opportunity to withhold this information if they so choose.

Club Magazine

Paid up members receive a monthly colour magazine that reports activities and details of forthcoming events. It also carries members’ advertisements, important club notices and a club post bag.


To recognise the range of achievements by our members, trophies are awarded each year and include aspects such as vehicle restoration, highest mileage and period costume. Further details of these awards can be found in the Members’ Handbook.