The French Connection

The SHVPS twinning with the Retro Auto Club Normand (RACN) began in 1986 at the inauguration of the Portsmouth-Caen cross channel ferry service.

Portsmouth City Council invited SHVPS to host RACN members over a weekend and such was the success of the event that the invitation to SHVPS for a return visit in the following September had a party with 20 cars and two motorcycles making the trip.

The two weekends were considered a great success and the Twinning Charter was confirmed by a ceremony signed in Portsmouth Guildhall in 1988. Many friendships were formed which have lasted over the ensuing years.

2013 saw the SHVPS playing host to RACN club members over the weekend 7th to 9th September. A number of outings to places of interest were arranged for our members over the weekend. The weekend was thoroughly enjoyed by all those who took part.

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